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Delete Old Content

Did you know that it takes 5 clicks to permanently delete each Facebook message, and that you must delete each one individually, one at a time? Hundreds of messages equals thousands of mouse clicks, endless scrolling, and countless hours of time. Same goes for everything else - photos, status updates, etc. YAPZAPP's deletion features are quick and easy. Not to mention, you can backup and download your content before they get deleted. Delete your old content now!.

Improve Your Privacy

YAPZAPP users benefit from much greater Facebook privacy. No longer will old photos or status updates come back to haunt you. Quickly delete the content you want to, and control how long you want your content to be available. No more prying eyes looking into your online past - you no longer have one. You do not have to quit using Facebook in order to protect yourself. Improve your privacy today!

Take Control

YAPZAPP gives YOU control of your content, where Facebook provides very little control. Delete your profile content at will, anytime you like. Have a job interview and worried the potential employer will want to access your account? Wipe it using BOMB. Worried about prying eyes looking into your past? Wipe it, and use TIMEBOMB to limit the length of time content is available. Take control of your Facebook profile!.



Facebook Privacy Demands in Germany

Germany Demands Greater Facebook Privacy In Germany, there is a law called the German Telemedia Act that allows the citizens the right to use nicknames online.  Thus, Germans should be able to increase their Facebook privacy by using a fake name on their account.  Facebook, however, has a strict “real name only” policy.  They refuse to allow the use of pseudonyms, even in Germany. The … Continue reading

Facebook Privacy Changes: The Good and The Bad

To the dismay of many social media users, Facebook privacy controls have changed… again. Along with many proposed changes to the Facebook privacy policy, Facebook has announced changes to its privacy controls.  The social networking giant will roll out these changes by the end of this month.  Some of the changes are good for enhanced Facebook privacy–but some of them are not. The Good Privacy … Continue reading

Facebook Privacy Vote Fails

Users Fail to Vote Over Facebook Privacy Issues This past Monday was your last chance to vote on proposed changes to the Facebook privacy policy.  Sadly, not nearly enough Facebook users participated in the vote for the results to count. At least 30% of users must vote on Facebook privacy policy changes for the results to be binding.   Though almost 600,000 users did cast … Continue reading


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